Notice of Change

Over the last few months, I have found that I am reading more people on LJ than I am on DJ and thus I have come to a timely decision.

Seeing as it is unlikely I will be posting for the next few days, I am giving you a heads up to change your lists.

This will be my last post on DJ - All future posts will be made on LJ (which means you patient people will finally get lj-cuts and you don't have to read all my burble) and any comments you make will actually get to me.

As far as I know everyone that reads me on DJ has LJ accounts of some form anyway... I will keep my DJ account so that I can comment

So, please update your friends lists to include Realtan_Dannan if you read me on syndiation.

For those of you who read me by having a favourites link and don't actually have an account you need to update it to:

All thats left for me to say is your all wonderful, I love you all dearly. Next year I hope to be as half as beautiful.

HAVE A FAB CHRISTMAS...... And the most storming 2005 ever. (which shouldn't be too hard there not being many 2005's to compare to ;-)


My birthday was fab, thanks for asking.

Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes - much appreciated.

More thanks to those who got me 'stuff' as well. Lots of things off the wish list now acquired (including stuff I have wanted for several years but never quite got around to buying) and several bits that weren't on the wish list and hence lovely surprises...

Went out for Dinner with Teps last night, which was lovely and novel to eat the Indian off a table rather than the floor ;-)

Had a minor depressive 'oh my god I'm old' attack, during which I complained to Teps that I had been on the earth for 3 decades and had 'nothing to show for it'. His (very level headed response) was 'well, what do you want to show for it?'.

I guess it's the residual guilt for not being married, 2.4 kids, mortgaged housewife with a secondary career as a UN Ambassador creating world peace and working with children while maintaining perfect lip gloss, eye liner and hair.

However, I know full well I don't actually want that, so still trying to answer that one - I'll get back to you. Anybody any clues?

Brain Fart...

.. you have been warned.

First of all, Thanks to Scribe who described The Coronation Street Omnibus as "Corrie- The Directors Cut". It is still amusing me.

Second I have a new philosophy: Never own clothes that take longer to iron than it does to put them on.
(45 minutes ironing my hostess (ankle) length kilt this morning)

Third - Yesterday the RAC warned that this week would be really busy with 18 million cars taking to the roads across the whole of the UK over the next 7 days. Now, by my calculations that makes about 2.5 million cars a day. I would have thought that was fairly normal. If they had said 'over the next 48 hours' I would have been impressed!

Fourth - The police are up in arms about community police being able to detain suspects for 30 minutes. Isn't that a citizens arrest - if not whats the difference? (genuine question)

Fifth - I think it's really funny that the guys who pulled off the bank heist earlier this week can't spend just over half of it as it is in traceable Northern Ireland Notes. I have images of this gang holed up somewhere with furniture made out of bales of £50's saying 'anyone got a fiver from before the heist so we can go buy a packet of fags and some milk?'. (please don't comment on this - I know they will find a way of converting it into something useful).

Sixth - I love London. I love the fact that I can spend a week walking around with Tinsel strung with lights (battery powered) around my neck and no-one looks at me twice. Wear a hat however and you are an instant Psychopath to be glanced at repeatedly and avoided at all costs.

Got a couple of other bits but I shall post seperately.

Peace and Goodwill to all...

One of the joys of my job atm is data entry.

a job that was 'oh, when you get around to it' has been deemed 'more important than life itself and must be done by Christmas' by *the Boss*TM and is only to be put aside by anything for her (such as cutting broadsheet newspaper articles into bits and fitting them onto A4 sheets, sticking them down and photocopying them nicely so that she can file them - as was the entirety of yesterday mornings job).

Anyhow, the result, along with illness last week, is that a temp has been brought in to do some data entry, but he was sent away as soon as I came back to work.

Boss has just discovered that the building is closed next week and is spitting feathers because (apparently) she had a load of work planned for her two admin staff so that we wouldn't be idle while nobody else was in giving us stuff to do.

She also pointed out that I was to finish the last of the questionnaires in the first week of January. I pointed out I am on leave. Have been since the end of October. After much nashing of teeth it has been deemed to get a temp in the first week to do the data entry (not my job you note, just the data entry). Boss has presented this info in such a way that I am supposed to feel guilty about it, "no budget, hardship of finding staff, yadda, yadda..."

Damned if I am going to feel guilty about taking leave and having Christmas off when the building is locked while she swans around in Canada.

So there.


We had one. I remember it distinctly.

Having been to several places to track down Horseradish sauce and tidied like a dervish, People finally arrived and proved to me I am liked and stuff. It was wonderful and meant I didn't spend my birthday on my own.

Pressies were got and they were all wonderful - including books I have wanted for many years, the game I wanted from Teps (at an impressive 'boots' style discount), candles, music and a beautiful glass fountain pen with inkpot, and money for a spa treatment when I am in M/c.

Much soup was eaten (sorry to those who came it wasn't as good as usual) and chocolate cake first destroyed and then eaten... (who designs cakes you can't cut with a knife?)

I got to make pate, and eggy bread and we even ventured to the park in the cold and had the cobwebs throughly blown away (caused by the spiders of the night before) and marvelled at the genetic enginnering of squirrels.

There was also a very odd conversation regarding the alternate uses of templates. those who were there will understand - those where weren't really don't need to know ;-)

So went to bed very late on Saturday (I believe it was gone 2am) and sort of very early last night (about 8pm). Though I did wake up at 2am with a mygraine which kept me restless till 4 I managed to shift it with copious quanties of drugs.

Now in work and playing catchup for the end of the week.

Just think, this time next week it's all over!